Saturday, October 10, 2009


Adapting to Changing Times
Dining Insights, Fall 2009

The times they are a-changing
Bob Dylan wrote and sung that back in 1964 in a time of ferment and change. It would have been just as timely if he had introduced it in 2009.

At Clarion Group, we've been changing to keep up with - and get a step or two ahead of - the changes in the economy, in companies, on campuses and in life that have been going on around us, for the benefit of our clients.

Over the course of 2009, we have . . .
  • Redesigned our website,, to provide more information about campus and corporate dining and our organization's capabilities.

  • Launched this blog to provide a forum for everyone interested in on-site food services and opened new pages in Linkedin, Facebook and Plaxo.

  • Developed a Six Sigma-based system for operational and financial evaluations of dining services to more effectively analyze systems, services and financials and create imaginative, effective solutions.

  • Created the "Fresh & Natural" program to bring healthy and sustainable dining to campuses and companies.
Now we've taken a new, big step to broaden our horizons to encompass all the other facilitiees services that interact with dining services. These include conference and event services and management, space and servies reservation systems, audio/visual services and lodging.

Ernie Wilder, who managed all these services at the International Monetary Fund, has joine Clarion to add the expertise we need to effectively consult on these specialties - either as an integrated project covering all dining and facilities servicesor for the separate components.

We worked with Ernie at the IMF and know his capabilities and his potential to add value to clients' facilitiess services.
We're still focused on our traditional capabilities, including outsourcing, vendor negotiations and maagement, systems, operating systems, food quality and service improvements, feasibility studies, concept development and facility design.
What changes will come in 2010? Stay tuned.
- Tom Mac Dermott